About the Film

From Fat to Finish Line documents the incredible weight loss journey of a group of 12 new friends. Spread throughout the United States from San Diego to Maine, these former strangers became united through blogs, social media and friends of friends when race-enthusiast Rik Akey teamed with popular health blogger Katie Foster to form a very special Ragnar Relay team. Their vision was to put together a team of people who shared the common bond of losing and keeping off a significant amount of weight through lifestyle changes and running.

In January 2013, the team will take on the 200 mile Ragnar Relay race from Miami to Key West, FL. Since its conception, the goals of the team have grown much bigger. In addition to running a solid race, they aspire to motivate and inspire others who struggle with obesity like they once did.

They hope that by sharing their individual stories, others will see that no matter how far and no matter how long it takes, everyone can shoot for and reach their own personal finish lines.

About the Film Makers

Media Meld Studios is a full fledged production company that develops, creates and produces original content for television, film and digital platforms.

Founded in 2009, The Media Meld team has a diverse combination of over 100 years in media experience including; award winning film, Emmy-award winning television, best selling books, ground breaking documentaries & cutting edge Internet programming.

Storytellers, Media Meld Studios is committed to developing outstanding programming that entertains, enlightens and inspires.

Media Meld Studios is both Los Angeles and New York based.

Angela Lee – Director / Producer
Lee is an avid runner, filmmaker, executive and most recently, tri-athlete. President of Media Meld Studios, Lee boasts more than 20 years in the film & television industries. She has worked alongside industry notables, Paramount Pictures Domestic Television, Lionsgate Entertainment and The GRAMMY Foundation. Lee’s first film, Noon Blue Apples, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and her recent documentary project: Happy on The Ground: 8 Days at GRAMMY Camp will be released in February 2013. Lee combines her passion for fitness and her filmmaking expertise to lead this project to its finish line.
Jennifer Roe – Co-Director / Producer
Roe is not only in front of the camera as a member of the From Fat To Finish Line Ragnar Relay team but she also plays a key role behind-the-scenes. Inspired by her teammates, Roe conspired with Lee to bring this project from the road to the big screen. EVP of Development for Media Meld Studios, Roe holds 18 years of television and film experience including her work with Paramount Pictures Domestic Television for Montel Williams, on the documentary, Happy on The Ground: 8 Days at GRAMMY Camp and co-writing short film, Bella Maddo, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.