Runner #4 Ada

You might remember Ada Wong, runner-up on Season 10 of The Biggest Loser. Ada shared her life-long struggle with weight in front of millions of viewers and began the show at her all-time high weight of 259.

Before going on the Biggest Loser, Ada tried every fad diet in the book. As an Asian American, she felt like she particularly stuck out since there is a stereotype of being rail-thin in her culture. In her 20′s, depressed, lacking confidence and unhappy about missing out on what should be “the time of her life,” Ada decided to take a chance and apply for the show. She felt that getting on the show would be her best chance for success. But, she was ashamed of how much she had gained and the thought of donning the show’s staple weigh-in wardrobe of spandex shorts and sports bra for her friends, family and world to see, enabled her to keep putting off sending in the application. Finally, she decided to give it a shot and reasoned that “letting it all out there, tears and all” was a fair trade off for getting healthy.

She made an audition tape and took the leap. The audition tape made her face the music and she vowed to take off the weight no matter what happened, To her surprise she made it to the show and that kicked off her journey. Through developing new eating habits and intense workouts (including running the fastest female marathon time ever on the show) Ada dropped close to 100 pounds while on the ranch and found her inner athlete!

Since the show, Ada has kept up the good work. She continues to run marathons and has recently found a love for triathlons. Ada has found confidence and passion she never knew existed. She’s grateful to Biggest Loser for giving her the tools she needed to take it off but it’s her daily perseverance and determination that will keep it off!