Runner #10 Allison

“Running introduced me to a healthier, happier, more positive me that I never knew existed.”

Allison credits a mismatched sedentary lifestyle and hearty appetite for her lifelong struggle with weight. In school she enjoyed reading, chess, theater but shied away from athletics. She has been on and off weight loss programs numerous times and is currently the team’s “Work in Progress” (WIP) as she is one of the members on the team not yet at her goal weight.

Up and down during her young adult life, she had kept her weight steady for a few years and then she met her future husband. Like many women, Allison found comfort and gained “happy” weight. She was surprised to discover that all that happy weight added up to an all-time high of 262 pounds right before her wedding! She was furious with herself, thinking, “Who gains weight for their wedding?” She felt that she was supposed to have lost weight. It was the same story she had told herself for years, “This would be the year that I will lose weight.” But it didn’t happen. Allison decided to give it another shot and found a nutritionist who designed a balanced plan that included some of her favorite foods and in 3 months she had dropped 35 pounds but soon, she decided to “take a break” and the weight came back.

Allison and her husband Jason went to Hawaii and that’s when she snapped. It was her second trip and the second time she wanted to take a helicopter tour. It was also the second time she was too heavy to take the ride. Allison was disappointed and angry she vowed this time she’d take the weight off. Upon returning home, she started the couch to 5K program and signed up for a 5K. Two days later, a car accident screwed up her knee and set her back 2 months, yet she was undeterred and later returned to her goals. She ran her first 5K a few months later with her family cheering her on.

She continued to run and then a freak accident in boot camp left her with a shattered wrist. She had to have surgery and it took 2 months to get the OK to run again. She was frustrated but kept going!

To date, Allison has run dozens of 5K’s and is training for her first half-marathon. She continues to count calories, run and work towards her goals both big and small.