Runner #5 Andrea

“Running helped me lose the weight that was holding me back from becoming the me I always wanted to be.”

Andrea struggled with weight most of her life. Her final reality check came when she picked out her usual size 24 jeans and went to try them on; panic set in when she realized that she needed a bigger size. She left the mall depressed and at her all-time highest weight of 280 pounds.

She decided that she could not allow herself to continue down that path and slowly made changes to her diet and exercise by using the Weight Watchers program and walking. She struggled but never quit fighting. She had so many weight loss books from joining and rejoining Weight Watchers. Andrea’s “aha moment” included accepting that her journey would be about patience and persistence and not perfection. A Weight Watcher leader helped her to see that eating and living a healthy lifestyle could be attainable and enjoyable. Her motto became, “Lose it the way you intend to live it.”

In 2011, her hard work paid off and she was invited to be part of the Oprah Weight Loss Finale Show. It was an absolute dream come true for Andrea!

Andrea soon began running. She signed up for a few 5K’s and loved the feeling of race day. The next year she completed a 10k and this year she ran her first half marathon. Next, on the list? Running a marathon!