Finish Lines

December 19th, 2013

When I first started my own running journey, I never imagined the exciting and amazing roads I would travel. I came to running almost as a fluke. A whim. I wasn’t making any money, struggling with a stalled weight loss, grappling with depression and yet was looking to make my life a little better.

A self-help book, a list of goals and a little inspiration from my good friend and business partner, Angela Lee, (Director/Producer of this film) in the form of her posting her own half marathon victories on Facebook and I was off running. Kind of.

I didn’t really like it at first. I was slow and awkward. Winded within a minute and convinced that I was “doing a number on my knees.” I started a personal blog to keep myself accountable and paid over $100 for a race fee I couldn’t afford at the time. I had no idea of races or levels of races. I was so out of touch that I didn’t even know that 5K’s or 10k’s existed! I jumped right into signing up for a half marathon.

Although tough, I stuck with running and blogging. Slowly but surely I grew to appreciate the sense of accomplishment I felt after each run. I reveled and celebrated milestones, like running for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES or when I ran for a whole mile without walking, I wept like I had just ran and won the Boston Marathon. These small but huge steps kept me going until I finally ran my first half marathon, it took me over 3 hours. I felt invincible, as if I could do anything.

Along the way, I’ve picked up friends, found blogs I love to follow (like teammates Katie, John, Lealah, Jen and Carly) and a whole new person within me. When Katie reached out to me to run this Ragnar Race I was overcome with excitement, joy and appreciation. I was being picked to run on a team! ME!

As I learned the stories of all of the other runners on this team and the vision that our captain Rik and Katie had, to form a team entirely of people who’ve lost a significant amount of weight through healthy eating and running, something stirred in me. I rushed to discuss it with Angela and we immediately agreed – this was a story that needed to be told. We jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back since.

There’s something amazing about being a part of this group of ordinary people who were once obese and traded future disease for health, who found ways to climb out of holes of depression, not feeling good enough and somehow learned to love ourselves. We all chose to put one foot in front of another, chose to reach for dreams and make great goals and go for them. We believe that if it can happen for us, it can happen for anyone.

And that’s the point of this film, of this journey. When you begin running it is hard, you might not like it, but if you keep putting one foot in front of another you can reach any dream, any goal, any finish line you so choose. It’s a choice. You can choose you. There are days I still don’t actually “love” running but there has never been a day that I haven’t loved how I feel as a result of becoming a runner. Ironically the best that has happened isn’t the making it to my weight-loss goal, or even the skinny jeans – it’s the person I am now. A person who believes in herself, has a fearlessness, a confidence and pride. I have found out I’m not a half-bad person. I am not the weak, mousy, not worthy of an opinion, girl I once knew. I know I’m capable of great things. This is what running has given me.

And now we are on this exciting journey of making this film – this film and its “finish line” is only possible because all of us had the courage to toe the starting line.

This blog will be written and maintained by all the members of this team. Our hope is to help to inspire, motivate and encourage you to seek out your own finish lines and achieve the greatness within you.


Jennifer Roe
Co-Director/Producer – Runner #7