Runner #11 Carly

“Running made me believe in myself”

Carly struggled with her weight since as far back as the fifth grade but really began to gain her weight during college and after the birth of her son. Her weight never really was a personal issue to her — she had plenty of friends, went on dates and was a generally happy person. However, deep down she knew that she wasn’t on a healthy path.

Her final straw was when she received pictures of herself from a wedding she had recently been in. She was embarrassed to be so unhealthy and sick of being too tired to play with her son. She decided to get off the early path to death she was on and determined to live a healthy life to be around for her son.

She started taking small walks every night and tracking her calories/eating healthier using She needed something to give her motivation to get the weight off so she started the Couch to 5k running program and immediately signed up for her first 5k. On the day of her first run of the program, she weighed 349 pounds. It took 3 weeks to get past Week 1 of the program, and by the time of her 5k she (very slowly) ran the entire race at 330 pounds.

Over the next year, she ran several races, including a half marathon, while losing over 100 pounds.

Carly is currently continuing her weight loss journey and training for her second half marathon.

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