Runner #9 Jen

“Running helped me discover an inner drive, determination and strength I had never known; it also gave me a self-confidence and sense of accomplishment that had been missing my entire life.”

In 2007, at 250+ pounds, Jen considered herself extremely overweight, and felt truly miserable. She was depressed and wanted more for herself; she knew she needed to get healthy. In September, Jen made a plan and a list of goals. She quit drinking and smoking, and started exercising. The first day, she could not walk more than 15 minutes on the treadmill but kept at it. She soon started losing weight slowly. The dark clouds were starting to lift!

Then, after a few months, Jen discovered she was pregnant. That wouldn’t stop her healthy goals; she remained active and healthy through her entire pregnancy. One week after having her daughter Lola, Jen was out walking every day in the warm fall sunshine with renewed vigor, motivated to reach her goals of being healthy and being a positive role model for her daughter.

After fourteen months of healthy eating and consistent exercise, Jen reached her first goal of 100 pounds lost! Jen fell in love with her new healthy and active lifestyle. She began participating in local road races and enjoyed it tremendously! Running became something she loved to do. Jen found that she was capable of more than she’d ever given herself credit for. She placed at several small 5Ks, which it pushed her harder to get even better. Jen’s family would come to each race and it became tradition for her to get a high five from her little girl just after the starting line. Jen continued setting bigger and better goals and reaching each of them.

Soon, Jen was ready to challenge herself with something new, and she did her first sprint triathlon. It was love at first swim/bike/run. She ended up placing second in her age group, and could not wait to do more! She has since competed in many triathlons, from sprint distance to the half-ironman distance, which is a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. Next year, she will complete her first Ironman distance triathlon with Revolution 3 in Ohio. Jen is now a SPONSORED Tri-athlete.

Jen’s journey of 120 pound weight loss has changed her inside and out.

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