Runner #1 Katie

“Running helped me be a better mom to my boys.”

Katie first realized that she was different from the other kids at school when she was in the fourth grade, and a boy meanly started calling her “Shamu” in regards to her weight. This would start many years of dieting, only to get heavier and heavier throughout the years. She continued to gain weight through college, marriage, and two pregnancies. Katie hit rock bottom when she discovered she was too obese to help her son learn to ride a bicycle. She was gasping for breath as she tried to run alongside the bike, and her sister had to take over. Katie vowed that when it was her younger son’s turn to learn, she would be the one to teach him.

Katie began to measure out food portions and count calories. She noticed the effect it had on her weight right away, and it was the encouragement she needed to keep going. She even made a bucket list goal to enter a 5K race and RUN it–and she had never even run a single mile in her life at that point. After she lost 60 pounds, she started training to run a 5K. To her surprise, she picked it up pretty quickly, and she became hooked on running. She didn’t stop with the 5K–she continued to a 10K, a half-marathon, and just recently completed her first full marathon.

She continued to count her calories and lost 125 pounds over 16 months. It was the first time in Katie’s life that she was a “normal” weight for her height! It has been two years now, and she continues to run to keep the weight off. Katie’s story has been so inspiring that she’s even been featured on an episode of Dr. Oz! She says she feels a million times better, and she was able to teach her younger son to ride a bike when his time came–her reward for her hard work!

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