Runner #3 Lealah

“Running helped me realize that I am capable of achieving whatever I choose to attempt.”

Lealah hit an all time high of 260 lbs in 2010 and realized she was incredibly unhappy, depressed and angry with the way life was going. She tried anti-depressants but that made things worse. Everything felt overwhelming. She felt trapped and like there was no escape.

A friend who was planning for lap band surgery made Lealah think, “Hey that sounds like something that could work for me!” She attended seminars, got excited, and dreamed of not being fat anymore. She was halted momentarily. She had to lose 10% of her body weight before they’d perform the surgery.

Lealah started eating better and began walking. In one month, she had lost 20 pounds. She kept going and suddenly had lost more than the 10% required to begin the process of weight loss surgery. She began to consider the repercussions that came with the surgery and thought, “If I can lose this much with diet and exercise, then maybe I can go all the way.”

She discovered Sparkpeople.com where she tracked her food and exercise. She also got a membership at the YMCA and started trying new exercises. By May, she had started going to Zumba and loved it! Healthy eating and exercise worked! Surgery was no longer even considered an option.

At the beginning of June 2011, she decided to try a second shot at running and signed up for her first 5K. Since then, she’s run a total of three 5K’s, one Warrior Dash, a 25k, and a half-marathon. She also teaches 2 Zumba classes a week. With a total weight loss of 130 pounds, Lealah smiles when she gets weight loss surgery advertisements in the mail, knowing that, that is one surgery she’ll never need.

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