Runner #2 Meredith

“Running has helped me to start living life instead of watching life pass me by.”

When Meredith realized she need to lose weight it was May of 2005 and she had just gotten back from her best friend’s rehearsal dinner. There were a bunch of pictures taken and when she saw the pictures she wanted to cry. Meredith always knew she needed to lose weight but never realized how much. She always avoided scales and always just assumed that she was no bigger than the previous time she had lost weight. Her job did not require any form fitting clothes so there was always elastic hiding her true size.

As of today Meredith has lost 101 lbs. When Meredith joined Weight Watchers in September 2005 she was 256 and when she became Lifetime in May of 2010 she was down to her goal weight of 155 lbs. Meredith’s weight loss was not quick by any means and although it is still a struggle today this is the first time in her life that she has been able to keep it off. Meredith’s turning point in her weight loss journey was November of 2009 when she had realized that over a 42 week span Meredith had gained and lost the same pound. After consulting with her Weight Watcher’s leader and crying through her entire meeting Meredith decided enough was enough and after that time was on a steady track to goal. Meredith believes that the struggles she has gone through are a big reason for why she has been able for the first time to successfully keep her weight off this time.

Meredith’s epiphany that day is what led to her love of running. She started off by running 1 lap at the rec center out of the 70 laps she would do in a day. She was working on training for my first half marathon in October of 2010 when she tore her right hamstring by slipping on a wet piece of tile in her house. That put her running on a stand still for a few months but she never gave up. Meredith got back to running knowing that she still needed to do her half marathon that she could not do the year before. She used a few 10Ks and a 12K as training to get ready for the PF Chang’s ½ marathon in January of 2012. Meredith successfully ran the half marathon and finished in 2:22:01; her 2nd half marathon was just 1 month later. Meredith signed up for the Lost Dutchman half marathon and ran that one in February 2012, completing that in 2:17:29. So she figured what is one more…She ran the Phoenix Half Marathon on March 3rd 2012 and her finishing time there was 2:10:29.